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Tackling The Tulip Droop

Tackling The Tulip Droop
May 9, 2020 Mackie Feeney
A beautiful tulip stem droops towards the sun

Tackling The Tulip Droop

The limitless colors of tulips brighten any home or office setting. These vibrant, elegant, make-us-happy flowers, however, can be a tad troublesome when cut and simply placed in a vase. The problem: tulips tend to droop. There is no tip-toeing around this tulip issue. Tulips come in almost every conceivable color

With pliable stems and heavy heads, tulips are bendy blossoms, constantly twisting and turning in search of light and pollinators. They also continue to grow an additional 1-2 inches, requiring frequent re-arranging and water replenishment.

How do you battle the dreaded droop?

Bow K® Props

Bow K in hand with tulip stems placed in holesMore tulip stems are added to Bow KBegin with a strong foundation. Place Bow K® in a wide-mouthed vase filled with fresh water. Make sure the diameter is slightly smaller than the Bow K, which is 10 inches. Add your tulips, placing the stems through any of the 48 holes.

It is difficult to position tulips in a standard vase. Bow K manages the task easily, enabling each stem to be individually sheathed for a secure hold. The ability to manipulate an arrangement to work with the curvature of tulip stems is unique to Bow K. As the flowers bend, which will inevitably happen, you can change their position or push them deeper into the Bow K, preserving the sculptural look that was originally intended.

A crystal clear vase with Bow K supporting stems beautifully

A glass compote and clear Bow K support and display stems effortlessly

Floral Foam Failings

We are not fans of most floral foam products. In this instance, the thick tulip leaves make working with foam a challenge. The added girth to the stems creates a large hole when positioned. If you change your mind and pull a stem out of the floral foam, a large, gaping space is left.

With each repositioning attempt, the foam crumbles and breaks down, limiting your options for continuing to build your masterpiece.The abundant number of holes in a Bow K provides lots of options (and even more forgiveness) when designing a bountiful and manageable arrangement.

Tips for Tulips

Water Changes Are a Breeze

Tulips are thirsty stems; requiring lots of clean water to maintain color and stem strength. Bow K makes water fill-ups and changes a breeze. Simply pour water down the hollow center handle or lift the entire tulip-filled Bow K from the vase, add fresh water, and replace. Voila!

Deanna snips some tulips from her yard.

Deanna snips some tulips from her yard

Snip, Snip, Hooray!

Many homeowners and businesses have tulips blooming in their yards and flower beds to snip freely. Those who don’t can readily find tulips at local florists, grocers, home improvement centers, hardware stores, and farms. Whether you grow them or buy them, the lovely and lively tulip makes the ideal arrangement.

Cheering you on,

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