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Create a Stunning Bridal Bouquet in 15 Minutes (Really)

Create a Stunning Bridal Bouquet in 15 Minutes (Really)
March 21, 2020 Mackie Feeney

Create a Stunning Bridal Bouquet in 15 Minutes (Really)

Busy floral designers take note. Zakia Radwan of Exotica Designs is sharing her secret for shaving precious time off of bridal bouquet production.California wedding planner - event designer Zakia Radwan - bridal bouquet production tips

As a full-service California-based wedding planner and event designer, Zakia has a lengthy and creative background in floral decor. We met Zakia during the DAVIDTUTERA Experience for Wedding and Event Planners at the Rosewood Bermuda in 2019, and now we’re excited to share the success she has had using Bow K® for a professional photo shoot.

Zakia has always looked for ways to use new mechanics in her designs. She used Bow K to create a ‘freestyle’ bouquet that would not only showcase her floral design skills but also generate the much-needed WOW-factor for a professional photo shoot. The versatility of Bow K enabled her to combine fresh, faux, and dried flowers together to stunning effect.

Bow K 'freestyle' bouquet used to showcase floral design skills

Click here to see Zakia’s Bow K-making skills in action.

“It’s amazing how quickly and easily I assembled a bridal bouquet with Bow K,” said Zakia. “It took me 15 minutes once I laid out my florals and started designing. Any product that supports designers as we strive to create unforgettable moments for our clients is a winner.”


“I have small hands, so I appreciated having a product that was comfortable to maneuver as I added flowers,” said Zakia. “Stems were much easier to gather with Bow K. It was super light to hold and incredibly easy to manage while working. This all helped make the handheld bouquet come together very quickly.”

Bow K flower centerpiece holders gather stems better than wire

Photography: Copyright © 2020 Lori Phillips Photography

Bow K is also bright enough to see, which is a bonus when compared to chicken wire, which is green and often hard to spot through the growing assembly of flowers. Zakia compared Bow K to this common go-to for floral designers. “Every time you need to move the chicken wire, it’s going to bend, and it’s going to poke you,” said Zakia. “Not only does this hurt, but chicken wire also has the potential to show through. No one wants to see the wire in their bouquet.”

Varoius flowers held in Bow K flower centerpiece holders

At the shoot, the assembly of wedding and design professionals were impressed as well. “Their mouths literally dropped open when I walked in with the completed Bow K,” said Zakia. “The comments ranged from ‘Unreal’ and ‘Unbelievable,’ to ‘This is beautiful,’ and ‘How do you do this?’ They had never seen anything like Bow K.”

Bow K centerpiece holder used by LA-based floral designers and vendors

Click here to view the promotional video shot by Venture Outbound, featuring an array of LA-based designers and vendors. Photography: Copyright © 2020 Lori Phillips Photography


Zakia likes how Bow K can be used to stretch a bride’s budget. For instance, brides can decorate their sweetheart table with their actual handheld Bow K instead of ordering a separate, smaller arrangement. The sturdy construction of Bow K allows the bouquet to be set on its side and the flowers stay perfectly assembled.

Bow K is also a great product for DIY brides to make bouquets and centerpieces. “With Bow K, the flowers don’t fall out,” said Zakia. “They stay where you place them, so the bride is confident that her work will hold during her wedding day and beyond.”

A sweetheart table with actual handheld Bow K centerpiece holder

Photography: Copyright © 2020 Lori Phillips Photography


Zakia recreated her photo shoot execution for a YouTube tutorial, stressing the speed with which she created her Bow K.

We send our thanks to Zakia for sharing her Bow K experience with us, and we encourage other designers and planners, especially our fellow DAVIDTUTERA associates, to explore the possibilities of a Bow K creation.

Cheering you on,


As a child, Zakia grew up in Ghaboun, Lebanon, a town known for its flowers and extensive distribution throughout the Middle East and parts of Europe. Zakia grew up understanding that flowers were fragile and needed special attention. She developed a strong eye for color and design.  

Floral designer Zakia Radwan from Ghaboun Lebanon  Zakia Radwan working in floral greenhouse in Lebanon

“I would wake up at 4:00 a.m. and join my family in the fields surrounding our home to cut and collect flowers to sell,” said Zakia. “It was our business. We planted flowers from seeds and cultivated them to full bloom.”

Years later, interior design segued into event planning when her sister got married and Zakia took the reins to plan the entire occasion. Her work was noticed by family, friends, and businesses alike.

“My first corporate event was for 1,250 people, and I had no shop, workspace, or storefront,” said Zakia. “I was a nervous wreck!” Two nights, and 250 arrangements later, Zakia basked in a successful event. She knew she needed to take the next step.

“I asked myself, ‘what’s stopping me?’” she recalled. “I had no good answer, thank goodness.” Exotica Designs was launched in 2009 and Zakia has not looked back since.


Photography: Copyright © 2020 Lori Phillips Photography

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