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Ribbon and Floral Design Surfaces


The Bow K® was created as a tool to help others uphold this long-standing tradition in a more sophisticated manner.

Bow K®  began out of my own personal frustration with a long standing wedding tradition. As my friend’s maid of honor, I was tasked with creating a ribbon arrangement during her bridal shower. I was given a paper plate and a pair of scissors to work with. Using the beautiful ribbons from each gift she received, the goal was to create a ribbon bouquet she could carry during her wedding rehearsal. I began by stabbing the paper plate to create slits to thread the ribbons. In more ways than one, the task was a failure. Each ribbon and bow that was added caused the paper plate to bend under its own weight. What was supposed to be a beautiful bouquet of ribbons and bows to celebrate the love and happiness that surrounded the future bride ended up looking like a jellyfish!

About Bow K

I knew there had to be a way to improve this decades old tradition, allowing us to say goodbye to the paper plate and scissors for good. Thus, the Bow K® was born. With its 10” circular structure and 4” handle, the Bow K® makes threading ribbon through its 48 holes as easy as it sounds! Even better, the Bow K® was designed with the use of more than just ribbons and bows in mind. Wired accents, silk or fresh flowers, candy, LED lights and many other fun items can be added to your Bow K® with ease, opening the door to numerous applications and designs.


Bow K is appropriate for any celebration or season and can be displayed in most any vase or doll stand.

What began as a project to improve the traditional bow bouquet has evolved into an entirely new way to craft! With its limitless possibilities in function and design, anything is possible when you Bow K® your way!

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Swipe for a cause

We have partnered with Swipe for a Cause to donate a portion of each Bow K® sale to Home and Hospice Care of Rhode Island.

DeeLeRu, a solely owned LLC, was formed by Deanna Russo in July of 2013. The company specializes in The BowK®, a patented ribbon keepsake. The company is located in North Kingstown, RI and The BowK® is manufactured in Rhode Island as well.

Founder Deanna Russo