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Bow K® handheld applications include bouquets for bridal showers, bachelorettes, rehearsals, weddings, proms, and quinceaneras.

Inspirational bridal shower tradition with a Handheld Bow K®

Beginner’s guide to creating a Handheld Bow K®


The bride can carry the handheld during the wedding rehearsal or bachelorette party, display on a gift table, or use as a toss bouquet during the reception.

For stick-on bows, fold the adhesive square in half and push through one of the holes. Release the square to open up and anchor in place.

Bows can also be placed underneath the Bow K® to add shape and camouflage knots.

Include meaningful mementos and heirlooms in a Handheld Bow K®.

A beginner’s guide to creating a bow by hand