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Fortune Favors the Prepared Posse

Fortune Favors the Prepared Posse
February 14, 2020 Deanna Russo

Fortune Favors the Prepared Posse

The pressure can be immense when called upon to be a Maid of Honor or bridesmaid for a wedding. Bow K® can help make you and your bride shine when the spotlight is on you at the shower, bachelorette, rehearsal, and wedding. Here’s how:

Set the Stage with the Shower Invitation
The bridal shower invitation is often the first piece of correspondence for an upcoming wedding. Take full advantage of this important communication by carefully aligning the color and font with the bride’s vision for her wedding day.

Is it a green and pale pink color palette, or a contemporary purple and silver theme with a touch of gold? Each invokes a different vibe, so work with the bride to capture her vision.

Add a copy line on the shower invitation with the bride’s ribbon theme. Guests will appreciate having a guide when wrapping their gifts.

Stack the Deck with a Bow K® and Custom Gift Decor
Just say no to the thin and not-so-elegant ribbon that is offered on most bridal registries. Make your gift unique and the bride’s Bow K fabulous. Visit your local craft retailer, such as AC Moore, to purchase ribbons, silk flowers, and wired decorations to accessorize your gift.          

Reap the Rewards Again and Again
Your foresight and planning have paid off big time. The wedding gifts on display at the bridal shower are all cohesive and thoughtfully wrapped with a unifying theme and color palette.

Your next job is to engage the audience. As the bride opens the presents, keep all attendees involved by asking the gift giver to add their ribbon to the Bow K. Another option is to assign the task to one special person.

 As the ribbons and floral accents are added, your Bow K will quickly evolve into a festive and meaningful keepsake. Even better, it will also serve as the perfect accessory for photos. No more awkward hand-on-hip moments! 

Next up: the bachelorette party. The bride’s new Bow K is meant to travel and will withstand long nights of celebration and selfies. Make sure it’s part of all of the bachelorette festivities.

The rehearsal is another opportunity for Bow K to support the bride. The night before the wedding can be a tad nerve-racking.

Bow K reflects the love and well-wishes of family and friends, and the bride is taking these memories with her for the practice run down the aisle. Bow K can be a calming presence every step of the way. Literally.

Once at the reception, place your Bow K on the gift table, or another focal point such as the seating assignment area, where Bow K is a beautiful and sentimental accent to the décor.

After the wedding, the Bow K can be displayed in a vase or a doll stand. Add fresh floral for special occasions such as a wedding anniversary.

From the shower to the bachelorette, and the rehearsal to the wedding, Bow K makes a helpful and glorious addition to the nuptials.

We encourage you to share your joy by sending us your Bow K shower and bridal photos at Our hope is that your work inspires others to experience the many ways Bow K can capture both the spirit and symbolism of a bride’s journey from engagement to her marriage and beyond.

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