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  • A beautiful tulip stem droops towards the sun

    Tackling The Tulip Droop

    The limitless colors of  tulips brighten any home or office setting. These vibrant, elegant, make-us-happy flowers, however, can be a tad troublesome when cut and simply placed in a vase. There is no tip-toeing around this tulip issue. The problem: tulips tend to droop.

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  • David Tutera on site for a client's wedding

    A Ribbon and Floral Meeting of the Minds with DAVIDTUTERA™

    Follow the journey of Bow K inventor and founder Deanna Russo as she completes her mission to connect with an icon in the wedding and entertainment industries, David Tutera. From Creativation in Phoenix to an eventual meeting at DTE Bermuda, Deanna and David have a synergy in focus and style—culminating in a newly launched collaboration to bring event professionals more opportunities to grow and prosper.

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  • Create a Stunning Bridal Bouquet in 15 Minutes (Really)

    Busy floral designers take note. Zakia Radwan of Exotica Designs is sharing her secret for shaving precious time off bridal…

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