Proudly made in the USA!
Bow K® Floral Tubes

Bow K® Floral Tubes



Includes 12 clear floral tubes with rubber caps appropriate for use in a Bow K®.

How To Use:

With Water

  • Fill tube approximately ⅔ full with water to allow room for stem
  • Affix the rubber cap
  • Insert the fresh flower
  • Place the tube in any of the 48 Bow K holes.

The tubes support short stems, making them visible among the taller flowers.
The tubes provide hydration when water is added.

Tip: This is also a great trick if you have a Bow K made with permanent botanicals that you wish to dress up for a special occasion. Use the Bow K Floral Tubes, with water, to add fresh components to your design.

Combine permanent botanicals with fresh florals!

If your fresh floral Bow K feels incomplete, you can supplement your design with silk flowers and other decorative elements. The tubes will protect whatever is inside from the vase water, which is required for the fresh flowers. The tubes can hold floral pics, flags, mylar balloons, cake pops, and more!.

  • Fill a vase or container with water
  • Place the Bow K on top with the handle facing down inside the vase
  • Add fresh flowers
  • Add floral tubes with or without the cap to allow different sized elements to be supported
  • The tube can be placed in any of the 48 Bow K holes.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 oz
Dimensions .5 × .5 × 3 in