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Themes for the Bachelorette

Themes for the Bachelorette
August 25, 2016 shindigz

Every bride has their own personal style.  Choosing between themes for the bachelorette can be intimidating.  But, if you’re the maid of honor, you most likely have a good handle on what the bride likes and does not like.  Use Bow K to accent your theme and serve as a sweet reminder of the day for years to come!

The first step to creating a memorable party is to make a list.  List out all the things your bride enjoys doing.  For example, you might list sailing, painting, and collecting shells.  And voila!  You basically just came up with your theme.  Go for nautical colors, such as navy blue and a peach or yellow accent.  Showcase some of the bride’s artwork at every table or do a role reversal and tell guests to draw pictures for your bride to cherish.  Create centerpieces out of shells, or make place cards out of them.

Need another example?  Maybe your bride likes hiking, yoga, and scrapbooking.  Instead of having the bachelorette inside, book a terrace at her favorite restaurant or one with a mountain view.  Plan games where the prize is a certificate to the bride’s favorite yoga studio.  Have a bridal brunch and yoga session!  (Break out the bride tribe!)  You can also make place cards out of mini scrapbooks, or have each guest make a scrapbook for another guest.

Create a bachelorette itinerary so your guests know where to go and what to expect.  And of course, plan in advance so you can have a successful party for your bride to be!